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What Excel Medical Billing Can Do For You

Excel guarantees the highest quality service. We concentrate solely on collecting your hard-earned money. Every practice of ANY SIZE or SPECIALTY benefits by using Excel Medical Billing, Inc. Superior accounts and receivable management is the key to your success. Call us today at (301) 570-9700.

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Increase Income

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Reduce Costs

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Increase Staff Flexibility

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Reduce Delays, Denials
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Consistent Cash Flow

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Reduce Personnel Turnover

Why You Need a Professional Billing Agency

  • Saves you time, money and increases cash flow

  • We offer variable billing costs. We are not paid by the hour, rather a percentage of what we collect for you. This gives us incentive to recover the maximum reimbursement for you as efficiently as possible.

  • Our priority is solely the billing and collecting of your money.

  • Dramatically increases cash flow by processing claims electronically combined with fast and efficient follow-up on all denied and delayed claims.

  • Being a billing agency allows us to be more aggressive in collecting delinquent patient accounts.

  • Eliminates group health, unemployment taxes, workmen's compensation insurance, paid vacation, sick leave, and holiday pay.

  • Reduces your operating costs. Excel submits weekly and monthly reports designed to keep you informed of all your billing and collection activity – we absorb the supply costs associated with providing that service.

  • With today's computer technology, upgrading your computer, printer, and software can become quite costly – along with training personnel. By using Excel Medical Billing, Inc., these costs are our responsibility.

  • Office Turnover – if your office is a victim of high billing personnel turnover, then using Excel Medical Billing, Inc. is extremely beneficial and cost effective.

  • Removes the billing process form your office, thus increasing staff flexibility and enabling you to expand your patient volume.

  • Your prosperity is determined by the performance of your accounts receivable management. Wouldn't you feel better having a professional handling this aspect of your practice?

And Why You Need Excel Medical Billing, Inc.


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